Montessori at Home: Children in the Kitchen

Today we will take a look at practical ways that young children can help in the kitchen.  Maybe you already spend a lot of time in the kitchen, maybe you’re more of a take-out person, but either way, with the winter holidays approaching, you may find yourself in the kitchen more than usual.  Making space for children in the kitchen is a way to help them make meaningful contributions to family life, and helping to prepare food allows children to be active participants in the family’s food traditions.

Here are some ways that children can be involved:

Pour dry and wet ingredients.

Stir batter.



Retrieve items from frig or pantry.

Shred lettuce.

Use the salad spinner.

Rinse fruit/scrub vegetables.

Juice citrus fruits.

Peel hard boiled eggs.

Grind spices with mortar and pestle.

Cut soft foods with plastic knife or other kid-friendly chopper.

Mash (avocados, bananas, boiled potatoes).

Sprinkle herbs or shredded cheese.

Knead dough.  Roll out dough.

Use biscuit cutter/cookie cutters.

Spread butter or oil with a pastry brush.

Fill bread basket.

Press buttons (while practicing good safety) to turn on stand mixer, timer on oven, blender.

Use toaster.

Set the table.

Fold napkins.

Arrange flowers for the table.

Decorate name cards for table settings.

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