Montessori at Home: Window Washing

Hello Readers!  Happy Spring Equinox!  With the changing of the seasons, you and/or the children in your care may be feeling the urge to do a little spring cleaning.  Window washing is an activity that children do in Montessori classrooms, and children can also enjoy this activity at home.  Spring is a great time to introduce this activity and get the windows ready for the extra hours of sunlight.

Necessary items:

  • spray bottle of window cleaner (see below for some non-toxic ideas)
  • squeegee (optional)
  • small towel/cloth for drying
  • caddy for all items (most helpful if using a squeegee)

Check that spray bottle is set to a “spray” or “mist” setting instead of a “jet” or “stream.”  This setting better disperses the cleaning liquid and helps the child be more successful.  Show child how to spray, then squeegee (if using) from top to bottom, then use a towel to dry the window, finishing with a check for any additional wet spots along sides or bottom of glass or window sill.  Then place spray bottle and squeegee back in the caddy.  Move on to another window, if child desires, allowing the child to wash as many windows as s/he wishes.  Be sure to show the child where to store caddy when s/he is finished, where to place wet towels, and where to find additional dry towels, if needed.

Non-toxic window cleaner:

  • Mix water and white vinegar in a spray bottle.  I have used various ratios, from a 4:1 water to vinegar mixture, to a potent 1:1 water to vinegar ratio.
  • Optional:  Add a few drops of an essential oil or a spoonful of lemon juice to mask vinegar smell.
  • Note:  This cleaner can also be used on mirrors.


Thanks for reading!  Feel free to leave questions or comments; we appreciate your feedback!